Her Beauty Upon the Isheru

The Mistress of Beauty gazes onto the waters of the Isheru, Her brilliant lioness visage reflecting within waters painted with the colors of a day now over. It is time for rest; It is time for renewal. The Queen steps into the colors, sending glittering ripples to dance in Her wake. She bathes within the […]

Praise to the Queen

She Comes! O Queen, Sweet of Love. That Sweetness, like an offering of honey, fit only for Royalty. Your blessings come forth, on the wings of butterflies. Your Beauty, divine, on a Throne of silk and gold. Your gaze, full of Love, the kind that Sweetens our Souls. ~Rev. Tawa’ubast

She Who Shines in the Horizon – A Modern Myth

Some Names don’t have myths that have survived the times, or perhaps they weren’t written down.  In this instance, it is up to us to use our experiences with the Names in order to fashion the new canon and our own modern mythology.   Bast and Mut share the epithet of “She Who Shines in the […]

Bast-Mut : The Modern Canon

(aka the UPG of Tawa’ubast) Bast-Mut is Bast as Queen, the feline Mut, the Royal Cat. She is the small cat, the black lioness, the reigning Queen upon her throne. She rules alongside her husband, Amun-Ra, and along with their son, Khonsu. She is motherly, affectionate, passionate, and kind.  She has warm energy, not hot, […]

Collections of Bast-Mut “Feels”

I am gathering these from my Tumblr from moments where I sat and just felt Mother. The Joy of Bast-Mut is not the same as the Joy that Hethert holds.  Hethert is dancing and music and celebration.  Extroverted Joy. (In personal experiences) Bast-Mut’s joy is more of an Introverted Joy.  The Joy of gentle self-care, the […]