Bast-Mut : The Modern Canon 2.0

(Here is an update, 3 years later, on the UPG and experiences I’ve had with my Queen.)

Bast-Mut is Bast as Queen, the feline Mut, the Royal Cat.

She is the small cat, the sleek lioness, the reigning Queen upon her throne.

She is Raet. She is Tefnut. She is Great of Magic.

Her consort is Amun-Ra. Her consort is Montu. Her son is Khonsu. Her son is Heru-Djehuty, Who is also Khonsu.

Strong of Heart, Sweet of Love, all that and more. She renews the land. She purifies. She brings joy to the world.

She is motherly, affectionate, passionate, and kind. She has warm energy, not hot, as she is Bast who has been cooled by the waters of Isheru.

However, she is still the Queen, regal, confident, and wanting nothing but joy for her children and followers.

She is fluid, occasionally too big for words, but can be felt in a warm caress, or in times of gentle self-care.

She loves music, poetry, flowers, perfumes, tea, lotions, chocolates, honey, and every other delight of the senses. If you are feeling joy, she is feeling it with you.

She is here, in the moment, experiencing the Now.

As a Queen, she has no need to act, she has others to do that for her. She directs. You act on her behalf.

She wants you to be gentle with yourself. Feel her purring and know that she is there, and she is pleased that you exist.

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