Her Beauty Upon the Isheru

The Mistress of Beauty gazes onto the waters of the Isheru, Her brilliant lioness visage reflecting within waters painted with the colors of a day now over. It is time for rest; It is time for renewal.

The Queen steps into the colors, sending glittering ripples to dance in Her wake. She bathes within the cooling waters of purification, releasing the tension from the day. These waters bring Life and Renewal, restoring Beauty to the world and its people.

Now purified and pacified, The Lady of the Isheru can now rest until Ra returns triumphantly to the skies.

Praise to the Queen

She Comes!

O Queen,

Sweet of Love.

That Sweetness,

like an offering of honey,

fit only for Royalty.

Your blessings come forth,

on the wings of butterflies.

Your Beauty, divine,

on a Throne of silk and gold.

Your gaze, full of Love,

the kind that Sweetens our Souls.

~Rev. Tawa’ubast

She Who Shines in the Horizon – A Modern Myth

Some Names don’t have myths that have survived the times, or perhaps they weren’t written down.  In this instance, it is up to us to use our experiences with the Names in order to fashion the new canon and our own modern mythology.  

Bast and Mut share the epithet of “She Who Shines in the Horizon.”  I strongly associate her with the colors of royalty, purples, pinks, deep reds, and golds.  With this information, she is the Dawn and Dusk to me, the one who brings the royal colors to the sky.

After the long battle with the Uncreated One, red blood fills the sky.  Bast-Mut steps forward in procession above the horizon, painting the sky in pinks and purples to please Ra, welcoming him into a new Zep Tepi.

After the day is over, she stalks back over the horizon, painting the sky once again, following Ra into the night.

It’s this bit of beauty that brings a smile to all who see it.  When you see the purple colors, think of the joy you feel inside in appreciation of such a natural wonder.  Think of Bast-Mut stepping across the sky in her dress of glorious hues.

Bast-Mut : The Modern Canon

(aka the UPG of Tawa’ubast)

Bast-Mut is Bast as Queen, the feline Mut, the Royal Cat.

She is the small cat, the black lioness, the reigning Queen upon her throne.

She rules alongside her husband, Amun-Ra, and along with their son, Khonsu.

She is motherly, affectionate, passionate, and kind.  She has warm energy, not hot, as she is Bast who has been cooled by the waters of Isheru.

However, she is still the Queen, regal, confident, and wanting nothing but joy for her children and followers.

She is fluid, occasionally slipping definition, but can be felt in a warm caress, or in times of gentle self-care.

She loves music, poetry, flowers, perfumes, tea, lotions, chocolates, and other delights of the senses.  If you are feeling joy, she is feeling it with you.

As a Queen, she has no need to act, she has others to do that for her.  She directs.  You act on her behalf.

She wants you to be gentle with yourself.  Feel her purring and know that she is there, and she is pleased that you exist.

Collections of Bast-Mut “Feels”

I am gathering these from my Tumblr from moments where I sat and just felt Mother.

The Joy of Bast-Mut is not the same as the Joy that Hethert holds.  Hethert is dancing and music and celebration.  Extroverted Joy. (In personal experiences)

Bast-Mut’s joy is more of an Introverted Joy.  The Joy of gentle self-care, the Joy of making somebody smile, the Joy you feel when you snuggle a loved one or relax in a sunbeam.

I get the Joy of the Queen when I’m pampering myself and when I’m feeling confident and beautiful.  When I’m enjoying myself putting on makeup.  When I’m rubbing nicely scented lotions on myself, or using a facial roller or sheet mask.

But Bast-Mut also enjoys music and dancing and sistra, but only if you are enjoying yourself as well.


“Don’t be afraid of my love, for it is my gift to you, and joy is the means in which it takes shape.  Take that inner joy and bundle it tight and remember it when things get dark.  It glows like the SUN.  It glows like Ra breaking the clouds away.”


The Royal Cat embodies what it means to be the Divine Feline.  A Lioness, Queen of Cats, upon a throne of embellished gold.  Her crown shines in the light of dawn, her dress of red linen echoing the rosy hues of the morning glow.  She knows what She wants, but She is ever patient.  Her knowing gaze looks right into your very core, and you are filled with warmth and love.  She wants for you to listen to your heart, and to fill it with joy and confidence.  Love yourself.  Treasure yourself.  You too are Divine.