Praise to the Queen

She Comes!

O Queen,

Sweet of Love.

That Sweetness,

like an offering of honey,

fit only for Royalty.

Your blessings come forth,

on the wings of butterflies.

Your Beauty, divine,

on a Throne of silk and gold.

Your gaze, full of Love,

the kind that Sweetens our Souls.

~Rev. Tawa’ubast

Bringer of Justice

Running swiftly, paws upon the sand,
A glint in her eye as she darts.
The blaze in her heart and the wind at her back,
leaving bodies of snakes torn apart.

Secrets of the rosettes on the leopard keeping pace.
Spots upon the cheetah with the dots upon her face.
Swift and wiley mongoose upon the desert sands she roams.
Leaping like the caracal with fire in her bones.

Blood on her claws as they sink in,
To those who would do harm unjust,
The teeth that she bares are laden,
With the evil that she has just fought.

Her prize is then ripped from their bodies,
A heart filled with isfet so dark,
To lay it down by the king she protects,
The blood on the sand leaves a mark.

She leaps upon the neck of the uncreated one.
She takes her gleaming blades reflecting in the sun.
She slices through its throat, bringing evil to an end.
She stalks away with pride to the kingdom she defends.

Mafdet, be swift in your justice!
Your claws are not ones we shall fear,
For we know that you will protect us
From those who would bear us ill-will.


It’s meant to have those bits of fast-paced chanting to match the speed of the Swift Runner Herself.  It also has a bit of heka woven into it.  Enjoy!

Senut at Night

Caressing me with Incense Smoke,

Queen of the Perfumes,

while basking in the shadows,

of Your beautiful visage.

An offering of tea I bring,

steaming, rising forth,

to meet the smoke of incense,

carried up to high above.


Queen in the Sands

In the shadows I know no fear

A feline of the night stalks by

A silent child of Heaven’s Queen

Whose gaze rests upon me

And all the little steps I take

Align with her own prints

A throne of gold upon the sands

A figure sits within

Dark fingers play on filigree

Her eyes reflect the sun

A hand she raises before me

An offering of love

I take that hand respectfully

And I join her in the warmth


O Wesir

Wesir, O King of blessed dead,

Green gardens grow for You.

You fall, You change, You live again,

Like seed, to bloom, to tree.

O King Wesir, wise and kind,

Protect the ones we love,

Though death can bring great change,

Through You peace can be found.

Like sunlight kisses a newborn leaf,

You’ve touched on every soul.

We mourn Your loss, praise Your return,

The King in the Duat.