Queen in the Sands

In the shadows I know no fear

A feline of the night stalks by

A silent child of Heaven’s Queen

Whose gaze rests upon me

And all the little steps I take

Align with her own prints

A throne of gold upon the sands

A figure sits within

Dark fingers play on filigree

Her eyes reflect the sun

A hand she raises before me

An offering of love

I take that hand respectfully

And I join her in the warmth


Mother’s Lullaby

Close your eyes little kitten of mine.

Close your eyes and let the dreams come.

You are tired and your eyelids are heavy.

You’ve had a long day and so you must rest.

I will protect you. I am your Mother.

I will give you all the strength you need.

The nightmares won’t come,

and the dreams will bring you peace,

as you lay your head to sleep.