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I have created custom tea blends that donate 5% to the House of Netjer for every purchase.

Teas of the Netjeru : Gods of Ancient Egypt – Series I

These teas were all inspired by the various gods of Ancient Egypt. Bask in the warm glow of Ra and enjoy a cup of his tea, and once you are finished, use the tin to hold your favorite trinkets for travel or storage. The collection is always growing, so join the Fandom and keep an eye out!

Amun-Ra: Herbal
Aset/Isis: Black
Bast-Mut: Black/Chai
Bast-Mut II: Oolong/Black
Bast/Bastet: Rooibos/Chai
Hethert/Hathor: Herbal/Chamomile
Khonsu I: Black
Khonsu II: Black/Earl Grey
Mafdet: Black
Nut/Nuit: Herbal/Rooibos
Sekhmet: Herbal
Set/Seth I: Lapsang Souchong/Pu Erh
Set/Seth II: Black/Mate/Chai
Sobek: Green
Taweret: Rooibos/Herbal
Wepwawet: Oolong/Black
Yinepu/Anubis: Black/Chai

These teas were all inspired by the various gods of Ancient Egypt. Series II is dedicated to the artwork of others who have graciously donated to bring these blends to life. Credits for each work of art will be located in the blend description!

Herishef: Herbal/Green
Nefertem: Black
Wesir/Osiris: Herbal/Green
Hapi: Black/Chai/Herbal

Ancient Egypt had a great many festivals, and what better way to enjoy the festivities than a hot cup of tea? Included in the tea descriptions is a brief blurb about what each festival entails, so I hope you walk away with some new information and perhaps a tin or two!

Moomas: Black
Wep Ronpet Morning: Black/Pu-Erh