Reflecting on a Name

It’s been a little over three years since my Shemsu naming.  This is a name with big shoes to fill, and I’m finally starting to grow into it and fully understand what it means to be a soldier of my Mother.

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the years regarding this name and how it reflects me and my duty to both Netjer and the community in which I took my vows.  When I was first named, I was this meek little thing flanked by three powerful and protective Names.  It is now that I’m realizing just what being a soldier of a Queen entails.

On occasion, I’ll find myself doing some research on the literal roles of soldiers in Ancient Egypt.  I like to take in all the information available and see how it applies to me.  Something I discovered kind of stuck with me; When there is no war, soldiers were often out helping the community, building, farming, and taking on other helpful tasks.  They were always taking action for the betterment of the whole.


This is a word that is increasingly important to me.

Bast-Mut, as Queen, is one to direct.  I am taking action on her behalf.  Not only am I fighting in the name of ma’at, I am also expected to work with the community and help when necessary.

As I considered that, I also realized I had already been working on helping out the community.  I was, and am, getting more involved, and it fits my role perfectly.

(In meme speak: I protecc and attacc, but most importantly I give bacc)

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  1. K

    We have a similar thing in modern times; outside of war, the military will engage in disaster relief, humanitarian assistance (anything from medical assistance to building schools), as well as arms control and peacekeeping. When I was younger I seriously considered it, specifically for the disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. (It was peacetime, so that’s what they were promoting at the time, and I wanted to help people, to make a difference, so that appealed to me.) I ended up not doing that, but yeah, they do a range of useful things besides fighting. I didn’t know soldiers did similar things in older times as well; that’s very interesting! And I’m happy for you, that you are finding ways to get involved and make a difference. 🙂

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