Shrine Services

As a Priest of Bast-Mut who maintains Her State Shrine,

I offer these services as a gift to the community and to the children of Netjer.

Fedw Divination

Fedw is a form of modern divination developed by Rev. Dr. Tamara Siuda for Kemetic Orthodoxy.

Using this system, I consult Bast-Mut with questions requiring Yes or No answers.

I do not accept money for this service.

Please allow some time for me to perform these readings as my job requires me to be away from home multiple days in a row.

If you are in need of answers, please contact me through this link!

Other ways to donate to the House of Netjer

Teas of the Netjeru: Tea Blends inspired by the Gods of Ancient Egypt
Each tea purchased donates 5% to the House of Netjer






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