She Who Shines in the Horizon – A Modern Myth

Some Names don’t have myths that have survived the times, or perhaps they weren’t written down.  In this instance, it is up to us to use our experiences with the Names in order to fashion the new canon and our own modern mythology.  

Bast and Mut share the epithet of “She Who Shines in the Horizon.”  I strongly associate her with the colors of royalty, purples, pinks, deep reds, and golds.  With this information, she is the Dawn and Dusk to me, the one who brings the royal colors to the sky.

After the long battle with the Uncreated One, red blood fills the sky.  Bast-Mut steps forward in procession above the horizon, painting the sky in pinks and purples to please Ra, welcoming him into a new Zep Tepi.

After the day is over, she stalks back over the horizon, painting the sky once again, following Ra into the night.

It’s this bit of beauty that brings a smile to all who see it.  When you see the purple colors, think of the joy you feel inside in appreciation of such a natural wonder.  Think of Bast-Mut stepping across the sky in her dress of glorious hues.

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